Identification, classification, and discrimination of Agave syrups from natural sweeteners by infrared spectroscopy and HPAEC-PAD

Mellado-Mojica, Erika.
Lopez Mercedes, G.
Revista y/o libro: 
Food Chemistry
Agave syrups are gaining popularity as new natural sweeteners. Identification, classification and discrimination by infrared spectroscopy coupled to chemiometrics (NIR-MIR-SIMCA-PCA) and HPAEC-PAD of Agave syrups from natural sweeteners were achieved. MIR-SIMCA-PCA allowed us to classify the natural sweeteners according their natural source. Natural syrups exhibited differences in the MIR spectra region 1500-900 cm-1. The Agave syrups displayed strong absorption in the MIR spectra region 1061-1063 cm-1, in agreement with their high fructose content. Additionally, MIR-SIMCA-PCA allowed us to differentiate among syrups from different Agave species (A. tequilana and A. salmiana). Thin layer chromatography and HPAEC-PAD revealed glucose, fructose, and sucrose as the principal carbohydrates in all of the syrups. Oligosaccharide profiles showed that A. tequilana syrups are mainly composed of fructose (>60%) and fructooligosaccharides; while A. salmiana syrups contain more sucrose (28–32%). We conclude that MIR-SIMCA-PCA and HPAEC-PAD can be used to unmistakably identify and classified Agave syrups.