Improving Agave durangensis must for enhanced fermentation. Effects on mezcal composition and sensory properties

De los Rios-Deras, G.C
Rutiaga-Quiñones, O.M.
López-Miranda, J.
Páez Lerma, J.
López, M.G.
Soto-Cruz, N.O.
Revista y/o libro: 
Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química
In this work we determined the effects of the C/N ratio and the initial concentration of sugars in Agave duranguensis must on the fermentation kinetics, composition and sensory evaluation of the mezcal produced. The fermentation of A. duranguensis must was enhanced by adding 50% more nitrogen (respect to the original content) as ammonium sulfate at an initial sugar concentration of 150 g/L. These initial conditions in the must increased the production of ethanol and volatile compounds and decreased the amount of acetic acid. The acceptability of the final product was also increased.