Study of parameters to obtain glucose of agave bagasse using experimental design

Edith N. Vasquez Jauri
Leticia López Zamora
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National Congress of Biotechnology an Bioengineering
Lignocellulosic materials used to produce sugars such as glucose and xylose, represent a sustainable and friendly environmentally alternative. In México, these materials are produced in large quantities due production of distilled spirits, one of them is Agave Bagasse. Yield of cellulose saccharification processes is increased when the barrier of lignin is removed. Use of surfactants sucha as Tween 80 has proven to increase the enzymatic hydrolysis of various cellulosic materials. The aim of the study was to characterize the agave bagasse Angustifolia Haw (BAA) and perform a screening test to determine useful doses to optimize the enzymatic hydrolysis (EH) fo BAA delignified using low concentrations of enzymes and Tween 80 as surfactant, by reference to studies in sugarcane bagasse with similar lignocellulosic content