Tequila vinasses: current situation of generation and treatment processes

López-López, A.
Davila-Vazquez, G.
León-Becerril, E.
Gallardo-Valdez, J.
Villegas-García, E.
Revista y/o libro: 
Reviews in Environmental Science in Bio/Technology
9(2), 109-116
The production of Tequila (55% Alc. Vol.) in Mexico for the year 2008 was 227 million liters, and consequently around 2,270 million liters of Tequila vinasses (TVs) were generated, which without proper treatment is equivalent to the pollution produced by 6.2 million people. The lack of both finances and technology availability are reasons for the absence of wastewater treatment plants (WTP) in the Tequila factories, with the exception of some big and medium size factories. There are WTPs based on both biological and physicochemical processes and also combinations of them that have been implemented to treat TVs; however, in most of the cases the implementation has not been effective.