Use of agave bagasse for production of an organic fertilizer by pretreatment with Bjerkandera adusta and vermicomposting with Eisenia fetida

Rene G. Moran-Salazar
E. Nahomy Marino-Marmolejo
Jacobo Rodriguez-Campos
Gustavo Davila-Vazquez
Silvia M. Contreras-Ramos
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Environmental Technology
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The main use of bagasse is to produce compost in tequila factories with a long traditional composting that lasts 6–8 months. The aim of this study was to evaluate the degradation of agavebagasse by combining a pretreatment with fungi and vermicomposting. Experiments were carried out with fractionated or whole bagasse, sterilized or not, subjecting it to a pretreatment with Bjerkandera adusta alone or combined with native fungi, or only with native bagasse fungi (nonsterilized), for 45 days. This was followed by a vermicomposting with Eisenia fetida and sewage sludge, for another 45 days.