In vitro induction of a trisomic of Agave tequilana Weber var. Azul (Agavaceae) by para-fluorophenylalanine.

Ruvalcaba-Ruiz D.
Palomino G.
Martínez J.
Méndez I.
Rodriguez-Garay B.
Revista y/o libro: 
"In Vitro Cellular and Development. Biology-Plant "
48, 144-152.
The effect of para-fluorophenylalanine (PFP) on the production of trisomic plants of Agave tequilana var. Azul produced through somatic embryogenesis was investigated. Normal diploid plants with 2n=2x=60 were obtained in the control treatment and with 4 mg L-1 PFP exposure, while use of 8 and 12 mg L-1 PFP led to production of trisomic with 2n=2x=61. Normal diploid plants showed a bimodal karyotype with five pairs of large chromosomes and 25 pairs of small chromosomes. Trisomic plants also had a bimodal karyotype with a group of three chromosomes in position five of the chromosome set. The 2C DNA content of 8.635 pg of trisomic plants was different (p<0.001) than that of normal plants 2C DNA =8.389 pg.